91. Sister and GP.jpgOur research team contributes to large national and international studies as well as local pilot studies, all of which aim to make significant advances in patient care and the treatment options offered to patients.

Within the Trust the majority of research projects are studies that have been adopted onto the national NIHR portfolio. The portfolio consists of high-quality clinical research studies that are eligible for consideration for support from the Clinical Research Network in England.

Studies may be sponsored by:

  • Other NHS trusts

  • Universities - either in the UK or international

  • Research bodies - e.g. Cancer Research UK

  • Commercial companies.

The core research team, led by the Head of Patient Safety, is responsible for ensuring that all studies within the Trust have all the necessary ethical and legal approvals to proceed and that they are conducted safely and effectively. The clinical teams support the clinical delivery of the research including: informing and consenting participants, performing tests and study procedures and collecting data.

Research Service List

The research department’s service list covers all main research functions including:

  • Research governance checks
  • Approval of new research projects
  • Approval of study amendments
  • Management and maintenance of governance standards and good research practice
  • Participation in the central system for gaining permission of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

Research Teams

The research team consists of the core research team and clinical trial research teams who support each of the clinical divisions.  The core research team has a management and governance lead with support staff. The clinical research teams are led by research nurses/midwives and further details for each of them can be found below:

Annabel Plumb - Surgery and Cancer Team Lead 

Carolyn Mansfield - Research Nurse

Esther Odesanya - Research Nurse

Judy Ford - Research Nurse

Karen Hillyer - Clinical Trials Administrator

Georgina Rogers - Clinical Trials Administrator


Mr El-Kashab - Lead PI Ophthalmology Research

Lisa Rudy-Fitzgerald - Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist Ophthalmology

Caroline Dixon - Women's and Children Team Lead

Janet Brown - Research Midwife

Carol Percy - Research Midwife

Jo Tomlinson - Paediatric Research Nurse

Katie Wilson - Clinical Trials Co-ordinator

Dr Michael Grosdenier - Paediatric / Neonatal Research Lead


Claire Gabriel - Medical and Emergency Care Team Lead / Senior Research Leader Nursing & Midwifery

Deborah Maren - Clinical Research Nurse

Mark Quiambao - Clinical Research Nurse

Joanne Harold - Clinical Research Nurse


Katrina Humphreys 

​Advanced Clinical Vestibular Specialist Physiotherapist CCICP
Physiotherapy research Facilitator (North West Coast CRN)
CSP Health and Safety Rep (regional and National)

The Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team consists of one Pharmacist and two Pharmacy Technicians.  The role of Pharmacy in clinical trials is to facilitate and oversee the daily management of the medicines used in clinical trials.

The Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team will be involved at the very early stages of a clinical trial. Safety and ethics are considered before the Trust agrees to take part in a trial.  The set up and dispensing of clinical trials is a specialist process involving many steps and regulations to adhere to.  The temperature of clinical trial medication must be regulated and this is monitored daily by the Clinical Trials Team.  Clinical trial medication often comes in plain white boxes with minimal labelling; this is often due to "placebo controlled" trials, where the drug may be active or pretend.

The Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team work very closely with the research nurses to ensure that the patients receive their clinical trial medication in a safe and timely manner.

Contact details for the Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team:

Pharmacist:   bethan.roberts@mcht.nhs.uk

Technician:    katherine.hampton@mcht.nhs.uk


                      Tel: 01270 273223

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Research & Development Team

Ms Charis Emmett - Research Manager charis.emmett@mcht.nhs.uk  01270 278095

Emergency Care Research Team

Mrs Claire Gabriel, Senior Clinical Research Nurse Team Lead claire.gabriel@mcht.nhs.uk  01270 612163

Oncology Research Team

Miss Annabel Tomlinson - Senior Research Nurse Team Lead, annabel.tomlinson@mcht.nhs.uk 01270 273486

Women's Health & Midwifery Research Team

Mrs Janet Brown - Senior Research Midwife/Nurse Team Lead janet.brown@mcht.nhs.uk 01270 273745

Mrs Caroline Dixon - Senior Research Midwife/Nurse Team Lead caroline.dixon@mcht.nhs.uk 01270 273745

Paediatric Research Team

Miss Jo Tomlinson - Paediatric Research Nurse jo.tomlinson@mcht.nhs.uk 01270 612123