The Trust’s Council of Governors (CoG) is a valued and effective body which advises on issues that are important to our patients, members and the wider community. It works with the Trust to ensure it provides the highest quality services for our patients.

The CoG is made up of 28 individuals, representing different constituencies (public, partner organisations and staff).  It is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation but works with the Board of Directors to influence the Trust’s future plans, ensuring that the voice of members and partners help inform the Trust’s decision-making.  It is an integral part of the Trust’s Governance Structure. 

Governors make a difference

Over the next few weeks, the Trust will be inviting Members of the Non-Clinical Support Staff group who are registered as a Trust Member (staff automatically become a Trust Member unless they opt out) to stand as a Governor in our upcoming Council of Governor elections.

We will also be inviting the Trust’s public Members who live in Crewe and South Cheshire constituency to apply (details will be sent to those eligible). 

What is a Governor?

43. Main Entrance - external shot.jpgGenerally, Governors are those people who are interested in and care about improving their local health services for the good of the whole community.

They play an essential role in our Trust, providing a link between our members, our community and our Board.  Although there are statutory duties that our Governors perform, most importantly, they listen and represent their communities.  They help us to learn and develop as a Trust.

If you would like to represent the views of your staff group or constituency, please submit a nomination before the Tuesday 26 July deadline. Whatever your reason to become a Governor, you can find out more and register your interest at

For a hard copy nomination form please email or call 020 8889 9203.

Governors play a key role in the development of our Trust and therefore all Members are encouraged to vote in the elections, even if they do not wish to stand as a Governor

If you have any queries in relation to the upcoming elections, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Office, by emailing or calling 01270 612453.

If you are interested in becoming a Trust Member, please click here.