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Enquiries for Work experience placements are currently closed, we are reviewing our policy and processes and will update this page in April.

Inspiring futures and expanding possibilities

By partnering with local schools and colleges, we can provide opportunities for young people to gain knowledge and experience of different roles and raise awareness of career options and job opportunities. The work experience programme provides local students with a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and into our Trust to have a taste of the skillswork-for-us.png required for a career within the NHS. 

There are over 350 potential career options in healthcare. Opportunities for work experience include clinical and administrative areas and allow participants to learn about working in the NHS, develop new skills, learn about strengths and areas for development, increase confidence, and gain an insight into which career path to pursue. 

The Inspiring Futures Team organise various opportunities for young people to gain experience of the NHS and our Trust. These include careers events, discovery sessions, insight days, and virtual career talks. 

Please be aware that we have a limited number of places available and a high volume of applications for each placement. 

Please note we support the following placements for students from local schools and colleges

  • School work experience - Taster days, ages 14-16 (under development).  We will work directly with schools to agree application process.
  • UCAS Placements, ages 16-18 studying 'A' Levels prior to University, duration 1-5 days 
  • Medical Shadowing, Year 12 and 13 students studying subjects required for Medical School, duration 2 days (students must have completed the ‘Do you want to be a Dr day’ to be considered for a placement). 

  • Allows young people to make a more informed choice about their future career 
  • Gives students a better understanding of the workplace 
  • Provides a valuable hands-on experience of the world of work 
  • Increases student motivation and achievement by making education more relevant to working life 
  • Can help a young person to develop new and existing skills, increasing confidence, communication skills and the ability to take on responsibility for themselves.

  • Influencing the quality of the future workforce 
  • Building a talent pipeline for our future workforce
  • Enhance the reputation of the Trust by engaging with the local community 
  • Be involved in developing young people’s confidence and employability skills 
  • Enhance the workforce’s supervision and mentoring skills by looking after work experience students 
  • Increase Foundation Trust membership.