The Council of Governors at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is made up of 28 Governors, all of whom can be contacted by emailing

The Council of Governors has four main roles & responsibilities:

  • Advisory, by communicating to the Board of Directors the wishes of members and the wider community
  • Guardianship, by ensuring that the Trust is operating in accordance with its Principal Purpose and is compliant with its Authorisation. In this regard it acts in a trustee role for the welfare of the organisation
  • Strategic, by advising on a longer term direction to help the Board of Directors effectively determine its policies.
  • Membership, to represent the interests of Members.

The Directors of the Trust are accountable to those people that really matter - the local population and the patients, through the Council of Governors to the Members. 

Other roles of the Council of Governors include:

  • representing Members’ views on the Trust’s development
  • participating in a wide range of activities linked to Trust services
  • putting forward views to the Board of Directors regarding annual plans of the Trust
  • approving the Trust’s annual report and accounts
  • appointing (or if necessary removing) the Chair, Non-Executive Directors and Chief Executive

Our Governors

Any Member aged 16 and over is eligible to stand as a Governor representing their constituency. Governors are elected for a maximum term of three years; they can be re-elected but no Governor would serve for longer than nine years in total.

Public Constituency

Governors comprising:

  • Crewe and South Cheshire
  • Northwich and region
  • Cheshire Borders

Staff and Volunteers Constituency

Seven Governors comprising:

  • one elected by Medical Practitioners and Dental Staff class Members
  • one elected by Qualified Nursing and Midwifery Staff class Members
  • one elected by Other Professionally Qualified Clinical Staff class Members
  • one elected by Clinical Support Staff class Members
  • one elected by Non-clinical Support Staff class Members
  • one elected by Staff Belonging to Recognised Staff Organisations and Trades Unions
  • one elected by Volunteers class Members

Appointed Governors

In addition to elected Governors, we appoint Governors nominated by local stakeholder organisations. They are appointed for a maximum term of three years. We have one appointed Governors from each of the following organisations:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Cheshire East Council
  • Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Community and Voluntary Sector

Register of Interests

A register of all interests declared by the Council of Governors is available here Governor Register of Interests (July 2021) or on request via our Corporate Governance team using the contact details at the top of this page.

Minutes of Meetings 

Minutes of Council of Governors meetings are available by clicking here