Mid Cheshire Hospitals is offering patients the opportunity to access their hospital MCV.jpgappointment bookings and GP letters online.

The Trust is introducing a service called 'MyCareView', which puts patients in control of their health and care data on a secure, personal platform while aiming to provide joined-up care with people or organisations involved in their care.

MyCareView is powered by Patients Know Best (PKB), a secure online system which is also being used by other local health and social care providers.

From mid-April 2024, anyone who has had an appointment at the Trust over the past 3 months will be sent an individual registration code via text messages or email asking if they would like to register. Patients will also have the ability to register for the system when attending any clinics on site.

With MyCareView, patients can:

  • Access hospital letters in one place through a smartphone, computer or tablet device
  • Get notified of appointments as soon as they are booked by hospital teams
  • Nominate a trusted family member, carer or health professional to access records on their behalf
  • Restrict access to information, such as certain health matters and view inpatient attendance information.

All records held in MyCareView conform to strict NHS security standards, meaning only patients and those they permit to view their records will have access.

Patients and health and care professionals can enter information into MyCareView, and data may be transferred from the IT systems used in GP practices, hospitals and other health and care organisations.

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  patients who have already signed up to the scheme should direct any queries or issues with their account to help@patientsknowbest.com