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The Optometry department provides adult and paediatric refraction clinics (assessment for glasses) low vision aid assessment and specialist contact lens care in paediatric patients and adults with complex conditions such as Keratoconus as well as a number of specialist investigations.

Our staff are dedicated in helping patients achieve their visual potential by means of glasses, contact lens or visual aids to help patients to maintain independence and achieve a better quality of life.  

Refraction Service

A refraction is the term used to describe a glasses prescription test. This test can be done a number of different ways depending on what is suitable for each individual patient. Our optometrists are very experienced in refracting all patients, including babies, children, adults with complex eye conditions and more. As part of this service, we are also able to prescribe glasses with ptosis props (a special device that can help to hold up a drooping eyelid) and spectacle mounted magnifiers.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept direct referrals for refraction services only. This service is provided for patients who are already under our care. 

Complex Contact Lenses

In our contact lens clinic, we are able to assess patients who require contact lenses for complex ocular conditions. These include keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and other corneal irregularities where contact lenses can provide superior vision to that which can be obtained with glasses. We also fit cosmetic, occlusive and paediatric contact lenses.

Low Vision

Our low vision services provide support for out patients who may have lost vision through many ocular conditions. We are able to loan magnifying glasses and help signpost patients in ways to cope with sight loss. For further information, please visit our ECLO page.