LWS Triage room 3.jpgThe Maternity Triage is an assessment area adjacent to the Labour Ward which is staffed by a Midwife 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for people 16 weeks pregnant and onwards that require further care or assessment that cannot be provided by the routine Community Midwifery service.

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit page has more information about accessing help before 16 weeks of pregnancy.

When should I call Triage?

  • Bleeding
  • Falls
  • When your waters break without contractions
  • Abdominal pain / injury
  • A reduction in your baby’s movements or a change in the pattern of movements
  • Urine infections not treated by your GP
  • If you think you are in labour
  • Headaches and visual disturbances
  • Persistent itching
  • Unusual chest or calf pain
  • Any other concerns relating to your pregnancy

The Midwives working in Maternity Triage take telephone referrals from you directly or from GPs and Community Midwives. The Midwives will be able to assess you and give you appropriate advice on whether you need to come into the Unit, stay at home or even be seen by your own GP.

The Triage area consists of two private assessment rooms where the Midwife will take your history and undertake an antenatal assessment (like the assessments the Midwives carry out in the community).  We work closely with the Obstetricians, and you may need to be seen by one of the Obstetric Team before you go home, depending upon the reason for admission.

Additional procedures including blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, and internal examinations may be performed if required.  We can also perform a CTG to monitor baby’s heart rate, or arrange an ultrasound scan if this is necessary.

When you arrive in labour, you will be assessed in our dedicated triage area.  If you are in established labour, you will then be transferred to the Consultant-led Labour Ward.

Maternity Triage can be a very busy area, and women will be seen on a priority of care basis. We will keep you informed of any expected waiting times when you arrive.

If you do not understand what is happening to you or you have any worries or questions, please ask a member of staff.

Your Baby's Movements in Pregnancy

It is important to monitor your baby's movements during pregnancy. If you are concerned about your baby's movements at any time please contact Maternity Triage on 01270 273116.

The video and leaflet here are useful resources to help you be aware of recognising reduced movements in pregnancy.