We have a short video to show you around our Labour Ward Suite.

Giving birth on the Labour Ward

LWS Birthing room 1.jpgOur Labour Ward Suite provides a welcoming environment for women who require closer monitoring during their labour.

There are six ensuite labour rooms, all equipped with monitoring equipment for you and your baby.  We have one birthing pool available on the Labour Ward.  If you would like to use the pool, please speak to your Midwife during your pregnancy or when you come into hospital so your suitability can be assessed.

LWS Birthing room pool 2.jpgYou will be cared for by a Midwife during your labour and they will provide individualised care to meet your needs. There are Obstetricians, Paediatricians and Anaesthetists on hand, if complications arise.

Induction area

LWS Induction Room 3.jpgIf you are booked to come in for induction of labour, you will be admitted into our Induction area. You will stay in the Induction area until you go into labour or are transferred to the Labour Ward to continue the induction process. The Midwives will provide support and information throughout the induction process.

For more information about induction of labour, visit NHS inducing labour webpage and see our information leaflet available below:

Maternity theatres

We have two Maternity Theatres, a recovery area, and high dependency area situated on the Labour Ward if complications occur. 

Pain relief available on Labour Ward

  • Hydrotherapy (water birth)
  • Alternative positions using the birthing balls, mats, and beanbags
  • TENS
  • Entonox (gas and air)
  • Pethidine or Diamorphine injections
  • Epidural (24 hour service)

For more information about methods of pain relief, discuss your options with your Midwife, or visit: www.nhs.uk/pregnancy/labour-and-birth/what-happens/pain-relief-in-labour/

Following birth on the Labour Ward

Sometimes women or babies who have required closer monitoring during pregnancy or labour need to have closer monitoring following birth.

If you have given birth on the Labour Ward you may be advised to remain in hospital and be transferred to the Postnatal Ward (Ward 23) until you and your baby are well enough for discharge.  The length of your postnatal stay will be dependent upon the reason for your admission.

Immediately after birth the Midwife will check that you and your baby are both well and assist you to feed your baby.  You will normally be transferred to the Postnatal Ward within a couple of hours.  We encourage all parents to keep their babies warm during transfer to the Postnatal Ward by keeping their baby in skin-to-skin contact.  This has been shown to promote mother and infant bonding, as well as reducing the incidence of babies becoming cold and possibly requiring admission to the Neonatal Unit.

Some women are able to go home from the Labour Ward within a couple of hours of their baby being born providing that there are no medical reasons for them or their baby to remain in hospital.

Once both you and the Midwife are happy they will provide you with information about how to contact someone if you are concerned once you have gone home. The Community Midwife will usually visit you the next day, unless you have an additional appointment at the hospital.  The Community Midwife will then arrange further visits at home as required.

For more information about after the birth of your baby see our leaflet below: