Community Midwives

You will have a "Named" Midwife for your pregnancy, who will usually be the Community Midwife attached to your GP practice. Your Named Midwife will see you at most of your antenatal appointments - this allows you to develop a relationship throughout your pregnancy. If your Named Midwife is unable to see you, you will be seen by another member of the Community Midwifery Team.

Our Community Midwives cover the following areas:

Northwich, Barnton, Weaverham, Davenham, Moulton and Winsford (and surrounding areas).

Crewe, Nantwich, Middlewich, Sandbach, Holmes Chapel, Rode Heath, Mow Cop and Audlem (and surrounding areas).


Should you have any questions or concerns, contact the Community Midwives office on 01270 612177 (answerphone messages are checked daily) or email: If you have any urgent queries or concerns, please contact the Labour Ward Triage on 01270 273116 from 16 weeks of pregnancy and your GP before 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Continuity of Carer

Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review, set out a clear recommendation that the NHS should roll out continuity of carer, to ensure safer care based on a relationship of mutual trust and respect between women and their midwives.

The continuity of carer model is a way of delivering maternity care so that women receive dedicated support from the same midwifery team throughout their pregnancy.

This relationship between care giver and receiver has been proven to lead to better outcomes and safety for the woman and baby, as well as offering a more positive and personal experience; and was the single biggest request of women of their services that was heard during the National Maternity Review.”

(NHS Maternity Transformation Programme)

Our Continuity of Carer teams aim to provide personalised continuity of care to women, with the aim that women know the Midwife that is caring for them throughout pregnancy, in labour and during the postnatal period.

There are plans to introduce further continuity teams across the Mid Cheshire catchment area in the future.

Oak Team

The Oak Team care for women who request and are planning a homebirth.

Women will have a Named Midwife responsible for coordinating their care, and be given frequent opportunities to meet the Buddy Midwives. This increases the likelihood that women will know the Midwife supporting them at home when they go into labour, during birth, and in the postnatal period.