We are a BFI Accredited unit and here to support you in your chosen feeding method. Throughout your pregnancy your Midwife will discuss with you:

  • Developing a relationship with your baby throughout pregnancy
  • The value of breastfeeding,
  • Importance of skin to skin contact at birth
  • Importance of responding to your baby’s needs
  • Safe sleeping

You will be given a copy of the Mothers and Others Guide, if you have not received a copy, or require a replacement, please ask your Midwife.

Other useful resources can be found on the UNICEF Website to help your feeding journey get off to the best start.

All maternity staff are trained to offer breastfeeding support, however if specialist support is required, you will be referred to the Infant Feeding Team up to 28 days following the birth of your baby.

The Maternity Ward (Ward 23) can be contacted for advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01270 612287

You can also contact your Community Midwife who can give support and/or arrange for a Community Support Worker (CSW) to support you.

You can contact the Community Midwives office to speak to a Midwife or CSW on 01270 612141 or 612177 (answerphone available for non urgent calls only).

Cherubs can support you from discharge from hospital or after having a home birth if you live in: CW1 3 or CW1 4 areas, Congleton or Macclesfield.

Contact can be made through their duty line 0300 123 4579, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, excluding bank holidays

E-mail address: wcnt.cherubsbreastfeeding@nhs.net

Facebook page ‘Cherubs of Cheshire’ is accessible to all within Cheshire. They also have a YouTube Channel with lots of useful videos, just search for Cherubs breastfeeding.

Cherubs can also support you after you have been discharged by the Community Midwife, if you live in Nantwich, Alsager, Crewe, Sandbach, Middlewich and Holmes Chapel. You can contact them on the number above.

Winsford and Northwich areas

Breastfeeding support is offered alongside the Health Visitors in this area. Contact is limited due to COVID- 19 restrictions. Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays 07825 962 851

Duty Health visitors 01606 555286 Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, excluding bank holidays

Facebook Pages ‘Breastfeeding Friendly Chester’ and ‘Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Support Chester and Ellesmere Port’.

Your Health Visitor will be able to offer you breastfeeding support after your Community Midwife has discharged you from her care.

Infant feeding videos are available on the following link in Tetun:

Global Health Media - Tetun Language Videos

Infant feeding videos

The following videos have been produced to assist you in making informed choices about your chosen feeding method, and provide practical help and support during your feeding journey. The videos are available with Arabic, Bulgarian, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak subtitles and a copy with a British Sign Language interpreter.

 Benefits of breastmilk
 Feeding your baby: care and support
 Hand expressing
 Relationship building
 Skin to skin
Signs of an effective feed

Paced and responsive bottle feeding














Formula feeding







Getting to know your baby

The following videos will help you to get to know your baby while you are pregnant, prepare for the first few hours and days of life and help your feeding journey get off to the best start.