ANDAU is a Midwife led assessment area located within Maternity Outpatients Department. If you require additional monitoring during your pregnancy, that does not require you to stay in hospital, it may take place in ANDAU.

How to access the service

If you need to attend ANDAU your Midwife, or your Consultant team, will discuss the reason for this with you and refer you as necessary.


There are many reasons why you may be seen in ANDAU.  Examples include:

  • Raised blood pressure which needs closer monitoring
  • For an additional scan to check the position of your baby or your baby’s growth
  • Pre-operative Caesarean Section assessment
  • For monitoring of your baby’s heart rate

Breech baby at the end of pregnancy

If your baby is in the breech position (bottom down) at around 36 weeks of pregnancy, you may be offered the option of having your baby turned. This is called External Cephalic Version (ECV) and the following video shows how the procedure is carried out.

For more information, please see the Breech baby at the end of pregnancy RCOG leaflet.


You can contact the unit by calling 01270 612178

How to find us

Leighton Hospital, Maternity Unit, Pink Corridor, Ground Floor, Near Maternity Entrance, in Maternity Outpatients Department.

ANDAU currently operates an appointment only system between the hours of 08:30-16:30 Monday to Friday.