37. HCA with patient.jpgFollowing external validation with Healthwatch, the Trust is pleased to report being accredited as 'Achieving' across Goals 1 and 4 of the NHS Equality Delivery System (EDS2).

In 2021, owing to operational pressures linked to the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, much like in 2020, Trusts have been given the opportunity to narrow the focus of the annual EDS2 review. Given the Trust reviewed Goals 2 and 3 in 2020, for 2021 the review has focused on Goal 1 – Better Health Outcomes, and Goal 4 – Inclusive Leadership. The summary report showcases positive examples and evidence of our approach to ensuring equality and accessibility across patient services and our commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.

Healthwatch provided the following quote in support of this annual review:

"This Equality and Diversity Assessment helps to recognise, encourage and highlight the good practice and evidence that already exists at the Trust. At the same time, it ensures that there is better and consistent engagement with our local communities. Healthwatch Cheshire were delighted to assist in identifying and to address any gaps, to enable the Trust to be more reflective of the community in which it serves at all grades and positions." 

David Crosthwaite, Volunteer Co-ordinator