There is currently one Respiratory ward (Ward 5) at Leighton Hospital.

Consultant Respiratory outpatient clinics are held at Leighton Hospital and at the Victoria Infirmary, Northwich.

There is also the Integrated Respiratory Team consisting of nurses and physiotherapists.

About Us

We are a fully integrated Specialist Respiratory Team that works closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team that is involved with the care and support of patients with Respiratory illness.

We are involved in both the acute management of patients admitted to Leighton Hospital as well as the chronic disease management of respiratory patients (seen at both Victoria Infirmary and Leighton Hospitals). We liaise closely with both primary and secondary care.


  • Ward 5 (Leighton Hospital) - 32 Acute Respiratory beds; 2 Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) beds.
  • Lung Function Testing (including patient flight assessments)
  • Specialist Radiology Services
  • Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer, Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) Clinics
  • Pulmonary Oncology Clinics

The Integrated Respiratory Team is an integrated Specialist Respiratory Team working closely with both the Respiratory and General Medical Consultants.  The Service covers all respiratory patients in the acute trust and community.

The Team offers support to patients at home following acute exacerbation of their chronic respiratory condition that has required admission in to hospital.

They provide support and information for lung cancer patients and palliative care for patients who have non-malignant disease.

Assessment and monitoring for domiciliary oxygen for all patients that may require it.  This includes prescribing of domiciliary oxygen for all in-patients.

Outpatient assessment for long-term nebulised therapy is included.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation programmes are provided in the community.

The team also provides education for all staff.