Paediatric Audiology is a specialist clinical service which aims to identify and manage hearing impairment in children. The service provides a comprehensive range of assessments for children of all ages (birth to 18 years)


We identify and manage hearing loss, including permanent childhood hearing losses, and temporary hearing loss related to OME. The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) have lots of information on childhood deafness/hearing losses including causes of hearing loss, testing and information about hearing aids

Services provided:

  • Newborn Hearing Screening offered for all eligible babies across Mid Cheshire
  • Diagnostic testing for babies referred from the Newborn Hearing Screen
  • Hearing assessments for all children aged 0 - 18 years upon referral by a health professional
  • Hearing aid fitting and maintenance for children who have been identified with a hearing impairment
  • Referral to other professionals where appropriate (e.g. cochlear implants or surgical intervention)
  • Sharing of information across services

Paediatric Audiology works within a multi-disciplinary team to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for each child, particularly children with additional needs. The team includes Sensory Support Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, Hospital and Community Paediatricians, School Nurses, Social Workers, Health Visitors, Midwives and GPs.

How to access the service

Referrals are accepted from any health professional who reports concerns about a child’s hearing or development. Our contact number is 01270 826256. Our email address is

How to find us

We currently run clinics at four sites across Mid Cheshire:

  • Children’s Outpatient’s Department, Leighton Hospital, Crewe
  • Eagle Bridge Health & Wellbeing Centre, Crewe
  • Winsford Health Centre, Dene Drive, Winsford

Hearing assessment clinics take place at all sites. Babies who are referred from the Newborn Hearing Screen are seen in the Children’s Outpatients Department at Leighton Hospital.