"Working in Partnership with the Wards"

The Integrated Discharge Team is made up of a group of professionals from both Social Care and Health who are co-located at Leighton Hospital and collaboratively work together to ensure the safe and timely discharge of patients from Mid Cheshire Hospital Foundation Trust.

The Integrated Discharge Team provide a service where our main aims are:

  1. That Discharge Planning begins at the point of admission to MCHFT.
  2. To provide ward staff with support, advice and training regarding discharge planning of both simple and complex patient discharges.
  3. To work collaboratively with community agencies such as Intermediate Care, Continuing Health Care, Therapists, Social Services and Community Matrons to ensure that patients needs have been correctly assessed and are appropriately met on discharge.
  4. To ensure the development of existing discharge services and transfer of care into community settings by developing key relationships with Mental Health, Alcohol Liaison Nurses, Nursing and Residential Homes and Community Nursing Services.
  5. To provide all groups of staff with education and training with regard to discharge planning.
  6. To develop and produce discharge information and literature for our patients regarding the discharge process to assist them and prevent delays in their discharge.
  7. The assessment of complex patients needs prior to discharge.

Contact Details

Telephone: 01270 273025