Aim of the Service

To provide support and education for patients receiving IV medication in their own home.

Be an on-going point of contact to assist you in leading a healthy life, improving independence and quality of life.

Provide information about your IV line and inform how you can look after it in your own home.

Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions by providing early intervention, diagnosis and treatment.

The IV at Home Team works closely with other members of the Multi-Disciplinary Team e.g., your hospital Consultant, Pharmacist, Microbiologist and Community teams.

Who are the IV at Home team? 

We are a team made up of Specialist IV Nurses and Staff Nurses, we come from varied backgrounds, so bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the service.

Referral route into the service

Your hospital Consultant will make the decision that you are able to receive your IV therapy in your own home.

Currently all patients must have a consultant based at Leighton Hospital to oversee their care.

What we do and where

Upon receiving a referral, the Specialist IV Nurse will review you in the hospital ward.

They may need to insert IV access into a vein in your arm, or you may have this procedure carried out in theatre, this will enable you to receive IV therapy at home.

Following discharge home your IV Nursing team will visit you to administer your IV therapy as prescribed. (e.g., This may be daily, every 48 hours or every 72 hours).

While under our care we will check vital signs at each visit, bloods will be taken weekly, and we will discuss you at our weekly MDT to ensure that you are receiving the best care. You will be included in all aspects of your care and will be informed of outcomes of MDT meetings each week.

Our service is based at Eagle Bridge Health and Wellbeing centre in Crewe.

We cover all five care communities:

  • Nantwich and rural
  • Northwich
  • Crewe
  • Winsford

Can my GP refer me?

No, we are not currently accepting referrals directly from GPs, however, your GP can refer you to ACU (Ambulatory Care Unit) or A&E (Accident and Emergency) at Leighton Hospital and if appropriate a hospital Consultant could refer you to our service from there.

How do I get my medications?

You will be contacted by The Pharmacy Team at Leighton Hospital every week once your medication is ready for collection. You or a designated person can collect your medications from Leighton Pharmacy.