Our service

The community Diabetes service provides expert diabetes education/support for people diagnosed with all types of diabetes including: type1, type 2, gestational and other diabetes diagnosis. We are a team of highly trained and dedicated diabetes specialist nurses (DSN) who will help your patients when their diabetes management requires some additional support. We offer a holistic approach to managing diabetes that includes a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure all needs are met.

The (GP) and practice nurse will manage diabetes comfortably however on occasions they may need additional help when blood glucose levels need stabilising. Diabetes is a progressive condition that requires a lot of attention, this can be overwhelming for people with diabetes as this condition is both complex and forever changing. The community Diabetes Team diabetes specialist nurses will help your patient to stay safe, reduce the risk of both short-term and long-term diabetes complications. Our aims and objectives are to empower and enable self- management of diabetes during those difficult times. This could be knowing when to seek additional advice/help from the GP, adjusting/titrating insulin based on blood glucose levels, switching from oral hypoglycaemic agents (tablets) to insulin therapy. We help to transition safely so your patient can stay in control.

Our team

We are made up of expert admin support staff who will manage your referral, call and ensure you are allocated to the right team member. Our team of expert diabetes specialist nurses range from band 4, Band 5, Band 6, band 7 and band 8a with a wealth of diabetes knowledge and expertise. This enables us to manage complex cases and remain an effective diabetes service for people in community.

What we do

We provide clinics for but not limited to:

  • Women diagnosed with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) ensuring that both mother and baby stay safe
  • People diagnosed with diabetes needing additional support/education when starting insulin.
  • Review of diabetes oral hypoglycaemic agents when HbA1c targets are not being met or consistently exceed 75 mmol/mol
  • Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes once discharged from the hospital. Our aim is to teach how to manage type 1 diabetes by empowering to manage sick days, changes, but most of all reduce the risk of hospital admissions due to diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA).
  • People Diagnosed with diabetes and have complications that require medication that affect insulin action and blood glucose levels.

Patients will need a referral from either the hospital or GP if newly diagnosed, need additional assistants with stabilisation. By filling out the referral form and making sure the patient meets the criteria for a referral to the specialist team.

if you or your GP deicide you need Addition specialist help, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach to diabetes by ensuring patients are referred to other teams that will help achieve diabetes targets and keep you safe. These include but are not limited to:

  • Dietician /nutritionist – meal planning, weight management, carb counting
  • Podiatrist – Managing feet
  • Retinal/ophthalmologist – checking your eyes for retinopathy/damage from diabetes
  • Counselling service – diabetes requires a lot of work and increases your risk of sadness and depression.

We provide telephone consultations, virtual (video conferencing) consultations. Home visits, group education sessions, education sessions for healthcare professionals.

Health care professionals can access the resources we provide to people with diabetes by registering with the website here.

Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership 

Diabetes Specialist Nursing Service

Infinity House

Mallard Way

Crewe Business Park



CW1 6ZQ.

Opening times

Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00