The Uro-gynaecology service aims to diagnose and treat symptoms associated with the lower urinary tract system, vaginal prolapse and pelvic floor weakness.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Management of vaginal prolapse
  • Urodynamic test
  • Pelvic floor exercises (with specialist physiotherapist)
  • Surgical options for stress and urge incontinence, including periurethral bulking agent treatment and botulinum toxin therapy

Patients that are referred to the Uro-gynaecology team may be experiencing:

  • Urgency of urination where you have to hurry to the toilet
  • Urge incontinence where urine leaks out before you get to the toilet
  • Urinary Stress incontinence where you leak urine out with coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising
  • Prolapse symptoms where you are aware of a lump or bulge in the vagina

You can access the service via your GP or Community Continence Team.

Clinics are held in the Gynaecology Outpatients Department on Ward 25 in the Pink Zone, second floor at Leighton Hospital.