Colposcopy (surgical examination of the vagina and cervix) is a central part of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme. This programme aims to reduce the number of people who develop invasive cervical cancer by detecting and treating early abnormalities.

The unit at Leighton Hospital receives over 1,700 referrals every year. If you have an abnormal smear (cervical cytology test) result, you may be referred for a colposcopy examination so that the Colposcopist (Doctor or Nurse) can look at your cervix, identify any potential problem’s and treat them. About one in 12 cervical screening tests (smears) come back as ‘abnormal’. However, an abnormal or positive HPV cervical screening test very rarely means that you have cancer.

We currently have approximately 5 clinics per week. Consultant and Nurse led clinics run interchangeably throughout the week. Nurses are always available to give advice or to discuss any concerns about your examination and/or treatment. We can offer treatment during a first clinic appointment or as and when required. The Colposcopist will discuss your treatment plan with you.

Female Colposcopists are available, so please let us know if you would prefer to be examined by a female member of staff.

A leaflet that explains the procedure is sent to you with your appointment letter.

How to access the service

Please contact the Colposcopy Unit on 01270 612212

How to find us

Clinics are held in the Gynaecology Outpatients Department on Ward 25 in the Pink Zone, second floor at Leighton Hospital.