Publish date: 23 November 2022

Colouring boredom buster.jpgThis month marks the launch of Mid Cheshire’s Re-conditioning Games! The Trust is joining in the national initiative to raise awareness of deconditioning in a fun few months of activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Eight wards at Leighton and Elmhurst are taking part in the five month programme which involves activities and games such as Skittles on Ward 10, Breakfast club on Ward 19 with patients getting up and having breakfast in the day room which is layed out in a cafe style environment and Boredom Busters on ward 3 which is a series of games and activities to reduce boredom, supported by our volunteers.

Laura Egerton, Head of Nursing Engagement & Wellbeing said: “As an in-patient in hospital, a person will be much less active than normal, and this inactivity leads to ‘deconditioning’, which causes people to lose fitness or muscle tone, especially through lack of exercise. Its great to see so many Ward areas taking part in the national Reconditioning Programme. Their engagement and participation will support our patients, reducing deconditioning and enhancing their recovery programme, helping them to stay well in hospital and reducing length of stay.'

Deconditioning is the loss of physical, psychological, and functional capacity due to inactivity” (Public Health England 2021) and is associated with the loss of muscle mass, increased risk of falls and reduced independence.

This in turn leads to delayed discharges, increased risks of hospital acquired complications and leaves patients in a state of excessive dependency, unable to return home in time.

On average, hospitalized patients spend 20 hours lying in bed, three hours sitting in a chair and only one hour standing or walking.

The aim of the campaign which runs until March 2023 is to raise awareness of deconditioning, to share best practice and to promote the testing and embedding of small-scale changes to reduce functional loss for people in hospitals, care homes, social care and community.