Publish date: 11 March 2021

Mid Cheshire improves or maintains its scores in 7 Key Themes

The results for the annual NHS staff survey were released today (Thursday 11 March) and they show that the Trust has improved or maintained its score in 7 Key Themes, compared to 2019 with improvements in the themes around equality, diversion and inclusion, health and wellbeing, quality of care and safety culture.

James Sumner, Chief Executive of the Trust said:

“Our staff are what makes Mid Cheshire so special and I’m really pleased that so many of them made their voice count by taking part in this year’s Staff Survey.

“This year has been an exceptional one for the NHS. So it’s even more important that our staff take the opportunity to give feedback on the things that matter to them; to help us keep improving their working lives and support them as much as we can.

“The wellbeing of our staff is our priority. We know that during the pandemic the demands on our staff have been huge and incredibly challenging and we have done a lot of work to increase and enhance the wellbeing support we have available.  So it’s particularly positive that the results show that we have an increase in staff feeling the Trust takes positive action to support their health and wellbeing. We have also seen a year on year increase in staff recommending MCHFT as a place to work.

“The safety and quality of our care is something we pride ourselves on at Mid Cheshire and so we were delighted that the results also show improvements in all elements of the safety culture theme and tell us that 92% of our staff feel their role makes a difference to our patients.

“The Staff Survey provides a great opportunity for us to reflect not just on the areas we have performed well in but also identify where we still need to focus our attention over the next year and beyond.”

The full set of results are available here.