Leaflet About the Virtual Fracture Clinic

Many fractured (broken) bones heal with simple treatment (sling/splint) without the need for an operation. This treatment begins in our hospital’s Emergency Department (A&E).

Until recently, all fractures were seen in our Fracture Clinic a few days after the injury. Patients with these straightforward and predictable breaks waited in our busy fracture clinic, often taking time off work/school and needing to find and pay for parking spaces, without any change in their treatment leading to obvious frustration.

However, occasionally the injury is more significant and requires further examination and possible surgery. It is therefore useful for all patients’ X-rays and notes to be reviewed by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to ensure significant injuries are not missed.

We have set up a Virtual Fracture Clinic, which works in the following way:

  • If you have sustained certain types of fracture, you will have your treatment carried out by the Emergency Department and go home with a Virtual Fracture Clinic appointment and an information sheet about your injury and treatment.
  • Your notes and X-rays will be reviewed by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon within the following few days, without you needing to attend a Fracture Clinic. They will ONLY arrange a hospital Fracture Clinic appointment if they feel you need further assessment. The majority of patients can continue with the plan initiated in the Emergency Department
  • If you have concerns at any point during your Virtual Fracture Clinic treatment, we will give you a contact telephone number to ring for advice or to arrange a normal fracture clinic appointment.
  • This new service has been designed to give you the best possible care and outcome without unnecessary waits, appointments and transport charges. 
  • Here are our Contact details if you don't already have them.