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Mission Statement

The JET Library is committed to the provision of relevant, timely and high quality information for the purposes of service improvement, continuing professional development and patient care.  We aim to promote evidence based practice as a foundation of quality service delivery within Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, partner organisations and for associated stakeholders.

Strategic Aims

  • Ensuring the service is aligned to the strategic vision of the parent organisations, funding bodies and national priorities.
  • Working in partnership to provide high quality library services.
  • Equity of service across all employment groups and library partners.
  • Provision of resources and support in their use to enhance teaching programmes, support research and practitioners in the work-place.
  • To be responsive to the needs of our users, by listening to feedback, continuous monitoring and evaluation of library service provision.
  • Working with the Chief Knowledge Officer to help raise the library profile within the Trust and embedding evidence based practice within the service.
  • Committed to staff development to support library users and service improvement.

Service Standards

Expected time in which the Library aims to respond to service requests:

Article request:                              7 days (subject to availability)

Urgent article request:                   7 days (subject to availability)

Inter-Library Loan:                         7 days (subject to availability)

Search/Enquiry Service                 1 week or deadline provided

(Literature search is for NHS only)

Stock suggestions:                         Decision to purchase: 1 week

Stock processing:                           3 weeks from receipt

Responding to service comment:   2 weeks


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