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International Clinical Trials Day 2021

Clinical Trials Day 2021

At MCHFT we are celebrating International Clinical Trials Day by reflecting on the achievements of the past year.

When the pandemic started it quickly became apparent that research was going to be vital to understanding, controlling, and treating Covid 19.

The world faces an unprecedented challenge …  to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and it is vital we harness our research capabilities to the fullest extent to limit the outbreak and protect life.”

Professor Whitty

The research team at MCHFT quickly adapted and focused on Urgent Public Health Research.  With such an unprecedented challenge, the research team couldn’t deliver this alone.  It has been inspiring to see the teamwork and collaboration; from staff on the wards to pharmacy, pathology, IT and even other organisations, everyone pulled together. 

What our staff said about Covid research:

What was a highlight of research during the pandemic?

Covid Comment 1
Covid Comment 2
Covid Comment 3
Why is research important?
Covid Comment 4
Covid Comment 5
What was a standout achievement?
Covid Comment 6
Covid Comment 7
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