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Cars and Car Parking

Leighton Hospital is well signposted on all of the major roads leading into Crewe.

Car parking 

At Leighton Hospital the car parks are either a barrier entry and exit system (Pay on Foot) or pay and display.

Pay on foot 

The driver will take a ticket on entering the car park to raise the barrier. The ticket is then scanned against the barcode reader on the Pay Station before they leave, where the appropriate charge is displayed.

The ticket is then scanned, barcode faced upwards, to raise the barrier on exit. Pay Stations are situated outside Macmillan Cancer Centre, Physiotherapy Department, Emergency Department and inside Maternity Outpatients and Treatment Centre.

Pay and display 

Some of the smaller car parks have pay and display machines installed. The machines are easy to operate with instructions on each machine. The pay and display machines will not accept notes. Three machines can accept debit and credit card payments.

Charges for both car parking types are as follows: 

  • No charge for the first 25 minutes 
  • £3.00 for between 25 minutes and 4 hours
  • £5.00 for between 4 and 24 hours
  • £10.00 for parking in excess of 24 hours.


A £10.00 concessionary pass card is available for regular visitors from the pay machines. Each card is available for up to seven days. To obtain a pass card, visitors must be parked on a car park with a barrier system.

There is an intercom fitted to each car park barrier which is linked directly to the Security Control Room at Leighton Hospital. Please press this intercom for security and car parking assistance.

At the Victoria Infirmary, passcards are available from the General Office (located within Verdin House) between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday.

When parking in a 'Pay and Display' designated area, visitors are required to display the valid ticket clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle. If parking in a 'Pay on Foot' designated area, visitors can use the ticket to gain entry or exit from any of the 'Pay on Foot' areas.

Concessionary passcards can be used at both hospitals.

New concessions from 1 August 2020

Mid Cheshire Hospitals will be introducing new long term concessions at its sites from Saturday 1 August 2020. These are:

  • Disabled parking is provided for free at Leighton Hospital and Victoria Infirmary. At Leighton, a free exit pass can be obtained from the Main Entrance, Outpatients, Treatment Centre and Emergency Department reception areas. To obtain a free exit pass, patients and visitors will need to present their valid blue disabled badge at any of the reception areas. At Victoria Infirmary (and Leighton pay and display car parks), patients and visitors are required to display their blue disabled badge clearly through the windscreen of their vehicles. There isn't a need to purchase a pay and display ticket

  • Patients attending for 3 or more Outpatient appointments within one month can also park for free. Patients will need to press any of the pay station intercom buttons to confirm their free exit

  • Parents visiting their poorly child on any of the paediatric Wards at Leighton can park for free, if they are exiting the site between 7pm and 7am. The free exit is provided by pressing any of the car park barrier intercoms between the hours above when providing the patient's name and ward.

Disabled parking

Disabled parking is available at Leighton Hospital and the Victoria Infirmary. Visitors parking in a disabled bay at either site must display a valid blue disabled badge, but can park for free (see information above on concessions).

There are a total of 68 disabled parking spaces at Leighton Hospital and 10 disabled parking spaces at the Victoria Infirmary.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking bays are available on the main entrance car park at Leighton Hospital. They are painted grey and signed. Parking for motorcycles is free and access is provided by using the barrier intercom's help points on entry and exit.

Contact Details

For car parking assistance and support, please telephone 01270 273792 / 273199 or at the Victoria Infirmary on 01606 564090.

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