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Macmillan Cancer Unit

Relevant Documents

application/pdfAcellular Dermal Matrix and Implant for Breast Reconstruction leaflet March 2016 (323KB)Download
application/pdfAcute Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Service leaflet Oct 2015 (216KB)Download
application/pdfAxillary Node Clearance leaflet June 2018 (537KB)Download
application/pdfBefore and after your lung surgery leaflet June 2017 (396KB)Download
application/pdfBreast Pain leaflet Dec 2019 (632KB)Download
application/pdfBreast Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy leaflet June 2018 (92KB)Download
application/pdfBreast Team Supported Self-Care Leaflet March 2020 (200KB)Download
application/pdfBreathlessness Support Clinic (93KB)Download
application/pdfCancer of Unknown Primary leaflet May 2020 (248KB)Download
application/pdfCheshire Cancer and Palliative Care Partnership (5.53MB)Download
application/pdfElectronic Palliative Care Records leaflet Jan 2018 (172KB)Download
application/pdfFree Complementary therapies for cancer patients leaflet June 2018 (627KB)Download
application/pdfGoing home with your drain leaflet Feb 2020 (892KB)Download
application/pdfHospital Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Team (232KB)Download
application/pdfLeighton Hospital Oesophago Gastric Support Group leaflet Aug 2016 (233KB)Download
application/pdfLipo-modelling (fat transfer) in breast surgery leaflet March 2016 (275KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Breast Care Nurse Personal Diary leaflet Jan 2018 (448KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Breast Care Nursing Service leaflet August 2019 (105KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Cancer Information and Support - Counselling Service leaflet June 2018 (141KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Cancer Unit leaflet May 2018 (127KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Haematology Nurse Specialist Service (248KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Service leaflet Jan 2018 (352KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Specialist Cancer Rehabilitation Team - We're here to help leaflet June 2018 (332KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Upper Gastro Intestinal Service (209KB)Download
application/pdfMacmillan Wide Local Excision leaflet June 2018 (593KB)Download
application/pdfMastectomy leaflet June 2018 (81KB)Download
application/pdfNipple Eczema leaflet April 2020 (278KB)Download
application/pdfNipple Tattooing (676KB)Download
application/pdfNurse-led follow-up clinic for patients with lung cancer leaflet Dec 2019 (61KB)Download
application/pdfNurse-led Holistic Needs Assessment Clinic for Patients with lung cancer leaflet Dec 2019 (62KB)Download
application/pdfPancreatic Cancer Support Group leaflet July 2016 (320KB)Download
application/pdfThe Amber Care Bundle leaflet March 2019 (347KB)Download
application/pdfThe Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist Service leaflet Dec 2019 (126KB)Download
application/pdfThe Team Involved in the Care and Treatment of People with Lung Cancer leaflet Dec 2019 (110KB)Download
application/pdfVague Symptoms Service leaflet Aug 2018 (256KB)Download

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