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application/pdfAdvice following surgical management of miscarriage leaflet April 2020 (142KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following Surgical Termination of Pregnancy leaflet Dec 2020 (306KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following Surgical Termination of Pregnancy leaflet TC Aug 2019 (114KB)Download
application/pdfAfter treatment advice - Loop Excision & Diathermy leaflet Nov 2018 (321KB)Download
application/pdfBartholin's abscess cyst and / or abscess leaflet Oct 2019 (197KB)Download
application/pdfCervical Screening - Easy Read [CHANGE] (320KB)Download
application/pdfChlamydia you may not know you have it [NCSP] (141KB)Download
application/pdfContraception at a glance [Sexwise] (141KB)Download
application/pdfEarly Medical Termination of pregnancy leaflet March 2020 (305KB)Download
application/pdfEndometrial Hyperplasia leaflet Oct 2019 (148KB)Download
application/pdfEndometriosis [RCOG] (140KB)Download
application/pdfExpectant management of miscarriage leaflet Jan 2019 (174KB)Download
application/pdfGeneral Care of Vulva Skin leaflet March 2019 (121KB)Download
application/pdfGynaecology Enhanced Recovery leaflet March 2018 (129KB)Download
application/pdfGynaecology Outpatient Hysteroscopy Procedures leaflet June 2020 (335KB)Download
application/pdfHaving a cone biopsy leaflet Oct 2019 (337KB)Download
application/pdfHuman Papillomavirus (HPV) leaflet March 2020 (158KB)Download
application/pdfHyperemesis Gravidarum leaflet Oct 2019 (209KB)Download
application/pdfLate Miscarriage [Miscarriage Association] (140KB)Download
application/pdfLichen Sclerosus in Females [BAD] (141KB)Download
application/pdfMajor gynaecological surgery discharge advice leaflet Jan 2020 (145KB)Download
application/pdfMedical Management of miscarriage leaflet Oct 2019 (195KB)Download
application/pdfMenopause [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfMiscarriage leaflet Aug 2018 (182KB)Download
application/pdfMiscarriage the facts and your feelings [Miscarriage Association] (140KB)Download
application/pdfNovasure (Radio Frequency Endometrial Ablation) leaflet June 2020 (542KB)Download
application/pdfOutpatient Hysteroscopy [RCOG] (141KB)Download
application/pdfPatient Decision Aid (PDA): Choosing Surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence leaflet Feb 2020 (568KB)Download
application/pdfPelvic Organ Prolapse [RCOG] (141KB)Download
application/pdfPostmenopausal bleeding leaflet Oct 2019 (201KB)Download
application/pdfPregnancy of unknown location leaflet Oct 2019 (122KB)Download
application/pdfReferral after inadequate cervical smear leaflet Dec 2014 (200KB)Download
application/pdfReferral after three inadequate cervical smears leaflet Dec 2019 (63KB)Download
application/pdfReferral for abnormal cervical smears leaflet Aug 2018-Colposcopy (299KB)Download
application/pdfReviewing your cervical screening history leaflet March 2020 (412KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence - Patient Decision Aid [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Stress Utinary Incontinence - User Guide [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Uterine Prolapse - Patient Decision Aid [NICE] (180KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Uterine Prolapse - User Guide [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Vaginal Vault Prolapse - Patient Decision Aid [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Vaginal Vault Prolapse - User Guide [NICE] (141KB)Download
application/pdfTaking home tissue from early pregnancy loss (up to 12 weeks) leaflet Aug 2019 (146KB)Download
application/pdfTaking your baby home from hospital when delivered between 12 and 24 weeks gestation leaflet Aug 201 (146KB)Download
application/pdfThe Gynaecology Nursing Service leaflet Jan 2020 (297KB)Download
application/pdfThe use of clobetasol proprionate 0.05% cream or ointment leaflet March 2019 (116KB)Download
application/pdfThermocoagulation leaflet May 2019 (150KB)Download
application/pdfTruclear (Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System) leaflet June 2020 (610KB)Download
application/pdfUrodynamics tests (gynaecology) patient leaflet June 2020 (416KB)Download
application/pdfVaginal bleeding or mild lower abdominal (tummy) pain in early pregnancy leaflet Oct 2019 (126KB)Download
application/pdfVirtual Gynaecology Clinic leaflet Feb 2019 (120KB)Download
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