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Eye Care Centre (Ophthalmology)

Relevant Documents

application/pdfAccommodation Exercises April 2021 (155KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following Cryosurgery (86KB)Download
application/pdfAmblyopia (Lazy Eye) leaflet Oct 2015 (312KB)Download
application/pdfAtropine Occlusion (240KB)Download
application/pdfBelpharitis (463KB)Download
application/pdfBlepharitis leaflet Jan 2018 (147KB)Download
application/pdfBotulinum Toxin treatment for squints leaflet Oct 2018 (134KB)Download
application/pdfCataracts leaflet June 2015 (1.09MB)Download
application/pdfChalazion (101KB)Download
application/pdfContact Lens and contact lens cleaning product charges leaflet Aug 2019 (121KB)Download
application/pdfContact Lens Appointment Leaflet Aug 2019 (159KB)Download
application/pdfConvergence Exercises April 2021 (359KB)Download
application/pdfDeep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) Surgeryand Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK) Surgery leaflet (246KB)Download
application/pdfDescemet's Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) Surgery leaflet March 2018 (320KB)Download
application/pdfDry Eye Disease leaflet Feb 2021 (630KB)Download
application/pdfDry Eyes leaflet Jan 2018 (91KB)Download
application/pdfEye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) leaflet June 2019 (204KB)Download
application/pdfFlourescein Angiography (259KB)Download
application/pdfFluorescein Angiography leaflet July 2019 (127KB)Download
application/pdfGlaucoma Monitoring Service leaflet Jan 2020 (213KB)Download
application/pdfHerpes Simplex Eye Infection (218KB)Download
application/pdfHow to use eye drops and remove eye dressing leaflet May 2017 (335KB)Download
application/pdfInformation about Ptosis (197KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for eye care patients attending the Treatment Centre for a General Anaesthetic leaflet M (391KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for Patients about Ectropion (95KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for Patients about Enucleation (Removal of the Eye) (653KB)Download
application/pdfLaser Retinopexy leaflet Oct 2019 (305KB)Download
application/pdfLaser Treatment for Peripheral Iridotomy (189KB)Download
application/pdfLocal Anaesthesia for your eye operation leaflet 2014 produced by Royal College of Anaesthetists (RC (299KB)Download
application/pdfMacular Degeneration Rapid Review Monitoring Service leaflet Feb 2018 (167KB)Download
application/pdfOphthalmic Ultrasound leaflet March 2018 (100KB)Download
application/pdfPaediatric Refraction leaflet July 2020 (602KB)Download
application/pdfPan Retinal Photocoagulation (PRP) – Laser Treatment leaflet Oct 2019 (269KB)Download
application/pdfPenetrating Keratoplasty (PK) Surgery leaflet March 2018 (248KB)Download
application/pdfPost Intravitreal Injection (50KB)Download
application/pdfPosterior Viterous Detachment leaflet Sept 2017 (603KB)Download
application/pdfPrism fusion range Exercises April 2021 (313KB)Download
application/pdfPterygium Removal Surgery leaflet Sept 2019 (205KB)Download
application/pdfSelective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) leaflet Sept 2018 (294KB)Download
application/pdfSquints leaflet Oct 2015 (324KB)Download
application/pdfTrabecular Microsurgery leaflet Sept 2016 (292KB)Download
application/pdfTrabeculectomy surgery leaflet Oct 2016 (249KB)Download
application/pdfViral Conjunctivitis leaflet Nov 2014 (28KB)Download
application/pdfVisual Distortion Chart (47KB)Download
application/pdfWearing Glasses leaflet Oct 2015 (303KB)Download
application/pdfWelcome to Glaucoma One Stop Service (142KB)Download
application/pdfWelcome to your 1st visit to the Macular Service at the Eye Care Centre leaflet (48KB)Download
application/pdfYAG Laser Capsulotomy (259KB)Download

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