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ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Relevant Documents

application/pdf'two stage' skin lesion surgery within the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Dept leaflet Jan 2018 (317KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice for care of your full thickness skin graft leaflet Sept 2016 (159KB)Download
application/pdfAllergic Rhinitis - Useful Advice and Information (145KB)Download
application/pdfAspirin - ENT Department Feb 2019 (173KB)Download
application/pdfEar Care Clinic and Direct Access Service leaflet Aug 2018 (96KB)Download
application/pdfEfudix cream leaflet July 2019 (264KB)Download
application/pdfENT Minor Surgery Pre-Operative Information leaflet February 2018 (207KB)Download
application/pdfENT Outpatient Minor Surgery Post-Operative Care leaflet Feb 2018 (175KB)Download
application/pdfENT post-operative wound care advice leaflet Jan 2018 (170KB)Download
application/pdfHead and Neck cancer pre-treatment assessment clinic leaflet Dec 2019 (292KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for patients attending the Ear, Nose and Throat POAC (1.02MB)Download
application/pdfInformation for patients referred from Dermatology to the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department leaf (129KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for patients regarding skin lesion surgery in the ENT Dept leaflet Jan 2018 (287KB)Download
application/pdfLaryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) leaflet Jan 2019 (423KB)Download
application/pdfManipulation of nasal bone fracture leaflet Jan 2018 (272KB)Download
application/pdfNew Oral Anti-Coagulants - ENT Department Feb 2019 (172KB)Download
application/pdfOtitis Externa - Useful Advice and Information (184KB)Download
application/pdfOvernight Pulse Oximetry (1.72MB)Download
application/pdfPatient Information for Overnight Pulse Oximetry (96KB)Download
application/pdfPost-operative information for patients following Head and Neck skin lesion surgery under day case l (515KB)Download
application/pdfRetubing Your Earmould leaflet April 2020 (810KB)Download
application/pdfSkin Prick Testing Information (1.72MB)Download
application/pdfTests for Balance Problems (96KB)Download
application/pdfThe Ear - Useful Advice and Information (278KB)Download
application/pdfWarfarin - ENT Department leaflet Feb 2019 (174KB)Download
application/pdfWhat is Ear Wax? (300KB)Download
application/pdfWound care advice following your recent operation (119KB)Download

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