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Relevant Documents

application/pdfA guide to prevent hospital admission for people with Parkinson's leaflet April 2017 (362KB)Download
application/pdfAcute Frailty Unit - Ward 7 leaflet June 2017 (390KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following nail surgery leaflet May 2018 (134KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following nail surgery leaflet May 2018 (134KB)Download
application/pdfAdvice following nail surgery leaflet May 2018 (134KB)Download
application/pdfBunion leaflet Dec 2018 (237KB)Download
application/pdfChanging your hospital doctor or asking for a second opinion leaflet Sept 2018 (124KB)Download
application/pdfChoices leaflet April 2017 (837KB)Download
application/pdfCommunity Intermediate Beds leaflet April 2018 (168KB)Download
application/pdfDiabetic Foot Care leaflet May 2018 (206KB)Download
application/pdfDischarge from the Podiatry Service leaflet May 2018 (344KB)Download
application/pdfDomestic Abuse leaflet March 2018 (183KB)Download
application/pdfFoot Care Advice for Children and Young People with Diabetes leaflet May 2018 (317KB)Download
application/pdfFootcare advice for children and young people with diabetes leaflet May 2018 (317KB)Download
application/pdfHealthcare information for visitors and students from the European Economics Area (EAA) leaflet 2016 (487KB)Download
application/pdfInfection Control Survey 2018 (27KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for outpatients leaflet Oct 2019 (3.88MB)Download
application/pdfIntermediate Care Team leaflet April 2018 (287KB)Download
application/pdfMy stay in hospital Easy Read leaflet July 2019 (1.51MB)Download
application/pdfNational Inpatient Survey 2013 (270KB)Download
application/pdfPalliative Care in Partnership leaflet Nov 2019 (287KB)Download
application/pdfPersonal Wheelchair Budgets (307KB)Download
application/pdfPlantar Fasciitis leaflet May 2018 (127KB)Download
application/pdfPrivacy and Dignity Report 2018 (25KB)Download
application/pdfSepsis - information for patients and relatives leaflet August 2019 (300KB)Download
application/pdfSkype GP Remote Consultation (111KB)Download
application/pdfSteroid Injections leaflet May 2020 (520KB)Download
application/pdfVerrucae leaflet May 2018 (338KB)Download

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