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Coloproctology Unit

Relevant Documents

application/pdfAbdomino-Perineal Excision of the Rectum (APER) (234KB)Download
application/pdfAnal Abscess Fistula leaflet April 2018 (103KB)Download
application/pdfAnal Fissure leaflet April 2018 (203KB)Download
application/pdfAnal Warts (261KB)Download
application/pdfBowel Cancer Support Group leaflet June 2018 (591KB)Download
application/pdfBowel Incontinence leaflet April 2018 (134KB)Download
application/pdfBowel Polyps leaflet April 2018 (122KB)Download
application/pdfColorectal Cancer and Living Well Workshop Handbook and Self Supported Follow-up booklet Feb 2020 (874KB)Download
application/pdfColorectal Enhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) – Patient Diary leaflet July 2018 (408KB)Download
application/pdfColorectal Family History Information leaflet April 2018 (108KB)Download
application/pdfColorectal Nurse Specialist Service leaflet June 2018 (594KB)Download
application/pdfColorectal Self-Supported Management Follow-Up booklet Feb 2020 (570KB)Download
application/pdfComing into hospital for bowel resection or surgery leaflet June 2018 (544KB)Download
application/pdfConstipation (269KB)Download
application/pdfConsultation Record: What happens now? Information about Colorectal Cancer leaflet June 2018 (810KB)Download
application/pdfCrohn's disease leaflet April 2018 (207KB)Download
application/pdfDiverticular Disease leaflet April 2018 (162KB)Download
application/pdfGoing home following bowel surgery leaflet June 2018 (537KB)Download
application/pdfHaemorrhoids (211KB)Download
application/pdfIrritable Bowel Syndrome leaflet April 2018 (170KB)Download
application/pdfLaparoscopic Bowel Surgery leaflet June 2018 (669KB)Download
application/pdfLeft Hemicolectomy (249KB)Download
application/pdfPilondial Disease (288KB)Download
application/pdfPilonidal Disease leaflet April 2018 (145KB)Download
application/pdfPruritus Ani leaflet April 2018 (108KB)Download
application/pdfRectal Bleeding (232KB)Download
application/pdfRectal Cancer (214KB)Download
application/pdfRegaining sexual activity after major bowel surgery leaflet April 2018 (169KB)Download
application/pdfRight Hemicolectomy (231KB)Download
application/pdfSphincter exercises for people with bowel control problems leaflet April 2018 (207KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery and Crohn's Disease (241KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery and crohn's disease leaflet April 2018 (197KB)Download
application/pdfSurgery for Small Bowel Crohn's Disease (213KB)Download
application/pdfUlcerative Colitis TC discharge information leaflet Aug 2019 (352KB)Download

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