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Before you come in to hospital

Your admission letter will tell you about anything you should or shouldn't do immediately before coming into hospital. You might, for example, be told not to eat or drink anything, or not to take any medicines. It is important to follow any instructions included in your admission letter. If the instructions are unclear, please contact the ward sister who will be happy to help you.

On arrival at the hospital, please follow instructions in your admissions letter. At the time of admission, an identity bracelet will be fitted on to your wrist.

Correct patient identification is vital to ensure the right patient receives the right treatment.

On admission a personal identification name band will be applied by the admitting healthcare professional and your personal details checked. If at any time the name band is removed or falls off it is vital that you inform a member of staff immediately, so that it can be replaced. Your personal details will also be checked, including your ethnic origin. This is a national requirement, but it also enables us to cater for any special needs that you may have.

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