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UHNM UGI Cancer Team

Consultant Surgeons


    Durkin  Mr Athwal    Mr Vamshi Jagadesham

              Mr Durkin                             Mr Athwal                  Mr Jagadesham


     UHNM Beardsmoore   priest uhnm   dr lau                                                                    

       Mr Beardsmore                        Mr Priest                              Mr Bouras



      kumar  lau uhnm Rob Glass


          Dr Raj Kumar                            Dr Lau                        Dr Glass 


   UHNM NKHOMA                                                                     

          Dr Nkhoma




  Dr Britton UHNM Thomas

            Dr James                          Dr Thomas                     Dr Britton




                UHNM Karthikundefined

                          Dr Karthik                                         Dr Simcock


Clinical Nurse Specialists


                        Lisa Thompson Tina UHNM

                              Lisa Thompson                    Tina Morris


                        UHNM CNS UHNM CNS

                             Jodie Hancock                   Sarah Mounsey

Enhanced Recovery Nurse  


UHNM Hannah

                                                     Hannah Warrilow


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