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Pathology Information for Patients

Patient Instructions for Collection of 24-hour Urine Samples

Please read prior to the start of collection

  1. Collect the container suitable for your particular test from the laboratory.
  2. The collection can be started at any convenient hour (say 7am) on one day and finishes at the same time the following day.
  3. Container may contain acid or other preservative, do not throw out and avoid contact with this preservative. Read carefully the information stickers on the bottle.



  1. Supposing you start collecting at 7am on Sunday morning. The 7am Sunday morning specimen must be passed into the toilet, NOT INTO THE BOTTLE, so that at 7am you have an empty bladder.

  2. All urine you pass after this, should go into the bottle provided, including the 7am Monday specimen, which is the last. Please ensure you catch, in a suitable clean container (e.g, clean jam jar), any urine passed whilst having your bowels open, and add this to the collection bottle(s) that you have been provided with. If you are likely to require more than one bottle (3 litres), please request an additional bottle before you commence the collection. The laboratory will only accept samples in the bottles that you are provided with.

  3. Bring the bottle(s) and request form into the Pathology laboratory between 9 am and 5 pm on the day the test finishes, Monday to Friday (but not Saturday or Sunday).

  4. Should you “forget” to collect any part of a 24 hour urine collection, inform the laboratory personnel. The test may need to be repeated. If the test is done on an incomplete specimen, you will be cheating yourself and the Doctor, and may receive inappropriate treatment, based on the faulty test.

  5. If for any reason the test is incomplete, the specimen should still be returned to the laboratory for proper disposal and the laboratory advised.


  • You may be required to have a blood test when you return this container.

  • If you are not intending to return this container yourself, please enquire at your GP Surgery if blood will be required in your case.  If blood does need collecting it should be within the 24 hour period or immediately after it.

  • Please ensure that your name, date of birth and the date/time of collection is on every bottle that you have used and that you also return the bottle with a completed request form. Failure to do this may result in the laboratory not being able to process or delay the processing of your sample.

  • Please ensure the cap is tightened on the bottle, on completion of collection.


Fasting Blood Tests

For a fasting blood test, the patient should fast overnight for at least 12 hours, and have nothing to eat or drink (except for water) until blood has been collected


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