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Stoma Care Service

The service has two full-time Stoma Nurses who are fully qualified in stoma care.

Aim of the service

They provide stoma care service to patients with a stoma, their families and others involved both in hospital and the community.

The service will offer

Patients and families will receive counselling advice and support before, during and after surgery. This includes the teaching of practical stoma care in the hospital setting and during a home visit following surgery.

Nursing and medical staff will be provided with education and resources for stoma care.

Home visits

You will be offered two home visits following discharge from hospital. Please note that this may be affected by adverse weather conditions. These visits will be to establish that you are coping with your new situation and discuss with you issues which may have arisen since your discharge from hospital.




Open referral via nursing and medical staff, GPs, patients, relatives and carers.


Direct to the Stoma Nurses: 01270 612443 (answer phone available).


Opening Times

The Stoma care service is available Monday to Friday 7.30am - 4.00pm (except Bank Holidays).

Stoma Clinic

Stoma Clinics are available throughout the week. Please contact the Stoma Team for appointments by calling 01270 612443 (answer phone available).

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