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Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy

The Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) service supports children and young people, aged 0 - 19 years-old, who have difficulties with speech, language, communication, stammering, social interaction skills, feeding and swallowing difficulties. 

Our Locations 

The child will be offered an appointment in the most appropriate setting which meets the needs identified for the patient during the referral process. This could be:

  • Community Clinics
  • Children's Centre
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Special Schools 
  • Resource Bases
  • Patient's Homes
  • Preschool Settings


In order to access the service, you must have a GP within the catchment area covered by South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Vale Royal CCG. 

If you are considering making a referral, please look at one of the following checklists: 


o   Preschool children aged 0 - 5 (opens in a new window)

o   School children aged 5-16 (opens in a new window)

We also operate an open advice line on Tuesdays, 12pm - 4.30pm

Tel: 07825 103893

Please note: Our online referral forms are currently down for maintenance - please use the links below to download our referral forms.  This page will be updated when the online forms are back up for use. 

Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

If a Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties referral is appropriate, please download and complete the referral form (opens in a new window) with full parental consent. Please then submit it via email to ccicp.therapyservices@mcht.nhs.uk

You can also email supporting information to our Therapy Booking Team, such as WellComm Score Sheets. Please ensure that the child’s full name and date of birth is on each document. Email these to ccicp.therapyservices@mcht.nhs.uk

Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties

If a Feeding and Swallowing Difficulties referral is appropriate, please download and complete the separate referral form (opens in a new window) with full parental consent. Please then submit it via email to ccicp.therapyservices@mcht.nhs.uk

Please note:

You will need to complete and submit both forms if a child has Speech, Language and Communication difficulties and Feeding and Swallowing difficulties.

For general enquiries please contact 01270 826312.


In the meantime, see our tips for preschool children and tips for school children (see links above).

Next Steps

If your child's referral has been accepted, please see the information outlining what to expect at your first appointment (opens in new window).


For Appointments:

Therapy Booking Service

Flat 50 

ME Block 


Leighton Hospital 

Middlewich Road



Tel: 01270 278310

Email: CCICP.TherapyServices@mcht.nhs.uk

For all other enquiries:

Crewe/Nantwich and Vale Royal Speech and Language Therapy Base:

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service

Bevan House 

Barony Court




Tel: 01270 826312


Commissioned time is when a setting buys in SaLT time which is over the time entitled from NHS and Local Authority contracts. 

It might be direct time spent with children, group programmes for children at risk of speech and language delay, teaching, staff coaching and whole school approaches.

We work with you to create and measure Key Performance Indicators for the contract and evaluate this annually. 

You can see the Commissioning Brochure here (opens in new window).

If you want to get in touch to enquire about commissioned services you can contact: 

South Cheshire

Jill Cooper - jill.cooper@mcht.nhs.uk

Una McIntyre - una.mcintyre@mcht.nhs.uk

Vale Royal

Sara Caldwell - sara.caldwell2@mcht.nhs.uk

Sarah Evans - sarah.evans2@mcht.nhs.uk

or Telephone 01270 826312


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are redesigning our training package offers. We will be sending further information out as soon as possible. 


All links open in a new window.

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