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CCICP Staff In The Spotlight

We believe that shining a spotlight on our staff will show how enthusiastic and passionate they are to work within CCICP.

These stories will hopefully give you an insight into what it is like to work for CCICP. For a full list of current job vacancies click here.

To read the full staff stories of the members of staff below click on the links below or on the column to the left.

Kate Upson
Kate Upson, Pharmacy Technician 

"Supporting children and their parents ensuring they receive the best care so they can remain in school and reach their optimum potential." 

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Special Needs Nursing Team, Springfield School
Special Needs Nursing Team, Springfield School

"Working with the pupils at this school is challenging, however we are inspired by the children and young people every day.

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Casey Wallinger
Casey Wallinger, Generic Nursing Assistant

"When the patient reaches their goal and is back to being fully independent - seeing their smile has to be the most rewarding." 

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Alison Morton
Alison Morton, Paediatric Physiotherapy Assistant

"My team works hard to achieve the best outcomes for our patients which is very rewarding." 

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Karen Woods
Karen Woods, Podiatrist 

"The most rewarding part of the job is being able to relieve pain for people with painful foot conditions"

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Kath Morgan
Kath Morgan, Advanced Respiratory Specialist Practitioner

"I am immensely proud of the work we have achieved over the years and the care provided to some of the sickest, frail patients in our locality." 

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Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team
Community Stroke Rehabilitation Team 

"We feel proud of how the service has supported many of our patients to achieve amazing things. Some have lectured for Universities and others have become volunteer drivers." 

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Zoe Ellam

Zoe Ellam, District Nurse Team Leader

"I look forward to the future developments here in supporting quality of our services and to continue achieving a high standard of care for our patients."  

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Katrina Humphreys
Katrina Humphreys, Vestibular Specialist and Physiotherapy Research Facilitator

"Patients and staff have had the opportunity to be involved in research and treatments that might be the future." 

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Samantha Tapscott
Samantha Tapscott, Paediatric Continence, Nurse Specialist

"Knowing I helped in an often small way encourages me to always provide the best care I can"

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Cherryl wagner

Cherryl Wagner, Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner

"I love working with people and knowing that I can contribute to improving the lives of patients and colleagues."  

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Mat Southall
Mat Southall - Paediatric Therapies and Special Needs Nursing Service Manager

"Gaining positive feedback that we are continuing to make a difference is something that hasn’t changed from being a clinician to a manager." 

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Sheona Lacey
Sheona Lacey - Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist

"It is a privilege to be able to do the job I do and I am lucky to work within such a fantastic care community." 

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Catherine Wilkinson
Catherine Wilkinson - Community Staff Nurse

"The help and support of my wonderful colleagues ensures I can offer the best quality of care that I can for the patients."

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Julie Holmes

Julie Holmes - Speech and Language Therapist 

"I really believe that it’s the small changes patients make which become habits and these make the difference."

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Debi Allcock
Debi Allcock - Advanced Practitioner (Paediatrics)

"To be told you had done a good job and saved a baby’s life you can only smile from ear to ear." 

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Laura Reynolds
Laura Reynolds - Crewe Care Community Service Manager. 

"I am extremely proud of the dedication, commitment and care that our staff give to patients." 

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Marie Buckley

Marie Buckley - Senior Clinical Pharmacist. 

"Anything that involves working alongside staff, helping them identify a problem and working with them to develop a solution that works for not only them but more importantly the patient." 

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Claire Smith

Claire Louise Smith - Bladder and Bowel Service team leader.

"I feel I get more time with my patients and that I don't have to rush them, making them feel that when I assess them they are my only priority at that time."

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