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What To Expect

We try to be as punctual as possible. This benefits both you and us. The entire appointment usually takes about 20 minutes.

On arrival your details are checked by our reception staff.

You may have to wait in the waiting area for a short time or you will be called into a private changing area by our clinical staff.

You will need to remove your top clothing for the mammogram but at all other times you can wear your own clothes. It is advisable to wear separates rather than a dress for your convenience.

A mammogram is an x-ray exposure of your breast providing us with an internal picture of the breast tissue. We usually take 2 pictures of each breast. We are fortunate in having the latest digital equipment which keeps radiation to a minimum and also minimises repeat examinations for poor pictures. During the picture taking the breast is gently squeezed to improve the image quality and stop any movement.

The images are checked before you leave to ensure they are adequate and then you are free to leave.

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