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You and your GP will be informed of the screening result within 2 weeks by post.
There are three possible outcomes.

1. The vast majority of women are informed that the mammographic pictures obtained have no features of concern. They will be recalled in approximately 3 years time to repeat the process. Cancers can of course appear in the time before the next appointment so women are encouraged to be breast aware and see their GP if fresh concerns should appear. For further information, please visit www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/breastscreen/breastawareness.html

2. On closer inspection the images obtained on the day of screening may not be of good enough quality so the lady will be recalled for better pictures.

3. The screening pictures have a feature that needs further evaluation. The lady is recalled to an assessment clinic for this process. About 5 ladies in 100 have to attend an assessment clinic. Of these 5 ladies, assessment finds no cause for concern in 4.

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