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About Breast Screening


The Unit has been screening the local population since 1990. It is fully integrated into the National Breast Screening Programme and strictly adheres to National guidelines and National standards.

For more information regarding the National Programme, please visit the NHS Breast Screening Programme website via the following link - www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/breastscreen/index.html.

It is important to realise that the programme is currently extending the ages that ladies are called for screening. Some ladies aged 47 to 49 and 71 - 73 will receive an invitation to attend but not everyone at those ages. This can be confusing and worrying. For more details regarding the extension of the screening programme visit www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk/breastscreen/research-age-extension-pilot-study.html

All ladies between 50 and 70 will be automatically called for their screening appointment. Your exact appointment date is not however based on your birthday. Your appointment is based upon the GP Practice you are registered with. Each GP practice in the area is screened in a planned manner so it is possible you may not be called until you are actually 52. You will then be re-screened in approximately 3 years from that date.

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