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What to Expect From Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids work by taking the sound someone with hearing loss is struggling to hear and making it louder, thereby allowing them to hear.

The hearing aid is set to a prescription level based on the hearing test results. The hearing aid will amplify the sounds to an audible level, whilst aiming to reduce background sounds and increase the speech signal. The hearing aids have adaptive technology to try and provide the best signal-to-noise ratio possible. Sometimes the environment that you are in will not allow the hearing aid to pick out one speech sound over another, making it a more difficult listening situation.

A hearing aid will sound a little alien to start, as it will be digital sound that you hear, not natural hearing. Your brain will recognise the change in sound, and alert you to this, paying more attention to everyday sounds that you may not have heard for some time. This will begin to settle over time, as your brain re-learns which sounds are important and which are not. This is the processing aspect of hearing and listening and this takes time to adjust to. A key point to understand is that hearing aids amplify the sounds around you; it is your brain that will decide which of these sounds to listen to.

For more information about hearing aids please click here.

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