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One vs Two Hearing Aids

Based on your hearing test your audiologist will advise you whether one or two hearing aids are necessary. They will consider a number of factors alongside the hearing loss when making this decision.


Two Aids

When offered two hearing aids some people may think this means that there hearing must be much worse than someone with only one hearing aid. This is not the case, there are benefits to having two hearing aids, so where possible the audiologist will encourage you to try two hearing aids to gain maximum benefit.

Two hearing aids helps to maintain the balance of hearing from left to right to help you in a number of ways, such as localising where a sound has come from, better speech intelligibility in noise, and better sound quality.


One Aid

With one hearing aid, if you have a hearing loss in both ears, you are asking one ear to do the job of two. This puts strain on the ear with the hearing aid, and also deprives the other ear of stimulation.

If you are only offered one hearing aid there may be reasons for this, such as hearing loss in only one ear (unilateral hearing loss), one ear may be unsuitable for a hearing aid in some way. Please speak to you audiologist at this time who will be happy to explain.

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