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Limitations for Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

Although the technology in hearing aids is greatly improved, they are still only electronic aids to natural hearing. If a patient has very poor natural hearing there is only so much the hearing aid can do. The hearing aids still utilise the patient’s natural outer, middle and inner ear, including the hearing nerve so if there is damage to the hearing nerve the hearing aids are not able to counteract this.

As the hearing aid is an electronic device the sound can sometimes seem not ‘natural’ when it is first fitted. However, if the patient wears the aid regularly this sense can quickly fade. Often the patient will notice a difference in their own voice, this too will fade as the patient adapts to the new sound.

The hearing aid will amplify the sounds around you. Sometimes there will be sounds that you do not wish to hear, you will need to learn how to filter these sounds out. This is something the hearing aid will try to help with, however it will not be able to understand which sounds you do and do not wish to hear.

Some people find it more difficult than others to filter sounds. This is not something that can be changed by the hearing aid. There are however a number of listening tactics that you can employ to help in these more challenging listening situations. For more information on listening tactics please click here.

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