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How Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Communication?

A hearing loss impacts our ability to distinguish sounds at normal levels. In speech the frequency and intensity varies depending on the speech sound, for instance the word ‘spoon’, the ‘sp’ is a higher frequency sound, compared to the ‘oon’ which is a lower frequency sound. This means that if you have a hearing loss of the higher frequencies you will miss the speech sounds in this area hearing only the ‘oon’ part of the word. This means that the processing of the word becomes more difficult as your brain has to fill in the missing part. Sometimes you will get this right, but others you may get this wrong leading to mishearing of the word, and possibly not understanding what has been said.

When we are hearing in a noisy environment there are other sounds competing with signal you are trying to listen to, masking the speech further. This often leads to greater difficulties in noisy environments as your brain is being asked to fill in a bigger and bigger gap, increasing the chance of you getting the answer wrong.

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