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Provision of the Oticon Streamer

What is the Oticon Streamer?

The Oticon Streamer is a small light weight control which connects your hearing aids to different devices such as television, telephone and MP3 music player at the touch of a button.

The Oticon Streamer has built-in Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth offers a transmission range of up to 10 meters and is commonly used in mobile phones (and other relevant devices).

How does it work?

When your press the button on the Oticon Streamer it will connect to your chosen device such as your telephone or when a set of hearing aids are linked to the Streamer, audio can be transmitted directly and securely to both hearing aids from devices including MP3 music players, televisions or telephones. The sound would be clear and the background noise would not be picked up by the hearing aids whilst using the Oticon Streamer. This would make it easier to hear when talking on the telephone, answering a call or listening to music.

What can I use the Oticon Streamer with?

  • Television : The sound from the television would go directly to your hearing aids, so you can listen to the TV without the volume being too loud for your family.

  • Telephone: The built in microphone in the Oticon Streamer doubles to work as an extra wireless phone to allow you to answer your calls anywhere at home.

  • Mobile Phone: The Oticon Streamer can also be connected to your mobile telephone using the Bluetooth technology and work like a hands free device.

  • MP3 Music Player: the Oticon streamer can be connected to any modern MP3 player through the headphone jack allowing you to listen to your music through your hearing aids.


Is there a cost?

Yes. The Oticon Streamer and add-ons are additional devices; therefore the cost is not covered by the NHS.

For more information on prices please contact the Audiology department on 01270 612197.




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