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Ear Protection

What are noise protection earplugs?

Noise protections earplugs are designed to be worn by anyone who is exposed to loud sounds to help protect their ears from sustaining damage. The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that noise exposure is the number one cause of permanent hearing loss so noise protection earplug have been designed to help protect your ears against this kind of damage.


Why would I need protection from noise?

Have you ever been on a night out or to a concert then experienced a ringing sensation afterwards? That is a sign that you have been exposed to a damaging level of sound. Most of the time the effects are temporary but repeat exposure can have a more permanent effect on a person’s hearing. Loud noises are known to damage your hearing and the extent of damage is dependant on the volume of the sounds and the length of time a person is exposed. Repeat sessions of noise exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss. In the UK anyone exposed to sounds levels of 80dB or greater in the work place are require to have hearing protection provided by their employer.


Who uses noise protection plus?

Anyone who is exposed to loud sounds. Most commonly it is used for people who work in noise; however anyone with a hearing loss may also be interested as it helps to protect their remaining hearings. Tinnitus patients often find exposure to loud sounds can exacerbate their symptoms so wearing noise protection earplugs can help prevent against this.


What do I get?

Noise protect earplugs are manufactured to fit individual ears using a quick and painless ear impression carried out by a qualified professional. They are manufactured using soft medical grade silicone and available in a range of colours, including high-visibility. Options include neck cords, company logos, user ID and metal detectable versions. They are hygienic, easy to clean and are supplied complete with a storage case, cleaning tool and skin care gel.



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