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Custom Swim Moulds

What are swim moulds?

Swim moulds, or swim plugs, are custom made moulds of a person’s ear that assist in keeping water from going down a persons ear.

What are they used for?

For some patients it can be very important that they keep their ears dry. This can make everyday tasks more complicated and difficult such as bathing, particularly washing hair. This is where swim moulds come in. They assist in sealing up the ear to help prevent water from getting down the ear.

Why is it important that ears are kept dry?

The main reason patients are requested to keep their ears dry is to prevent ear infections. Damp ears are a more favourable breeding ground for bacteria so the chance of infections significantly increases. This is particularly important in patient who are prone to infections or who have holes in their ear drums as repeat infections can damage hearing and cause damage to the ear that requires surgery to correct.

Can I go swimming and diving in swim moulds?

Despite what the name suggests, although they help to keep water out, a complete seal cannot be guaranteed due to the way our ear change shape so it cannot be guaranteed that they will keep all the water out if the head is submerged. They are designed to allow patient to swim keeping their heads above water without concern about getting ear infections.

How do I get swim moulds?

Swim plugs can either be requested by an ENT doctor or purchased from Leighton Audiology Department.

For more information please contact Audiology on 01270 612197.




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