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Custom Earphones

What are custom earphones?

Custom earphones are like normal earphones that you would use to listen to any electronic device. The difference is in the way they sit in your ear. In place of a standard ear bud they have a custom made plug designed to sit comfortably within your ear.

How do they work?

The work by wrapping around the headphone speakers and transmitting the sound down your ear canal much the same way a standard earphone works. The advantage comes from the increased comfort and the way the seal the sound into the ear far better. This is advantageous as it cuts out more of the background noise which leads to a superior sound quality.

What headphone can I use them with?

The choice of headphone is up to you. We are able to customise any headphone you bring to us or you can choose from a range of headphone we have on offer to go with this type of fitting.

Can I re-use them?

Yes. Due to the way they are made the electronics are not built into the headphone which means they can be removed and re-used on a new set of headphones as long the speaker is the same size.

What do they look like?

They come in range of colours dependant on your preference and can be made either in the style of a standard ear bud to fit in the canal or as a larger plug for a better seal.

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