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The Loop System

Loop System Sign
Loop System Sign

The loop system is an assistive listening device that works along with your hearing aid. It may also be referred to as the telecoil, or T-system. The aim of the loop system is to help overcome background noise.

The loop system must be activated in your hearing aid for you to be able to connect. Please speak with your audiologist/technician if you are unsure about your settings. The loop system requires no extra wires or receivers.

You can tune into the loop system where you see the sign (shown right).

Your hearing aid must be on the correct setting to connect. You will be instructed how to do this by your audiologist/technician.

You can purchase personal loop systems which can connect to other devices such as the television, or the telephone.

The Deafness Support Network, a voluntary service for people with hearing impairment, can provide advice regarding loop systems for the home, work etc.


Telephone 0808 208 2440


You may also find loop systems available to purchase online. The action on hearing loss website has a range of products.


Telephone 0808 808 0123 (Freephone)


Access to work may be able to provide assistance with the cost of any equipment required in the workplace.



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