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How to Insert the Earmould

Inserting the earmould is something that a lot of people find difficult to start with. The steps below are designed to help you.

Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 1

Step 1:

Take hold of your mould by the handle (the part that looks like the handle of a tea cup) using the hand on the same side as the hearing aid.

Left hand for left ear, right hand for right ear.

Try and keep your hand in the position shown as this will help with the insertion of the mould.


Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 2

Step 2:

Take your hand up to your ear.

You are aiming to align the points – the lower part into the ear canal, and the upper part under the flap of skin at the top.



Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 3

Step 3:

It is important to ensure that the top part is tucked under as this will keep the mould in place and make sure that all points are sitting correctly.

Take your hand slowly to the ear and you will start to feel the mould against you skin.

Try not to turn your hand or wrist as this will change the alignment.

If these points are not aligned correctly, this can make the ear very sore.


Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 4

Step 4:

When you feel the tip of the mould in your ear canal you can tilt you hand inwards slightly and this will help the top piece move under the flap of skin.




Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 5

Step 5:

Begin to guide the mould further into the ear.

The handle piece will start to slip into the back of the ear.

You may need to start to move your thumb out of the way to allow this to happen.



Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 6

Step 6:

Depending on the shape of your ear you may need to pull you ear lobe down/back to open the bowl of the ear. This will help the mould slip over the outer ridge of your ear and into position.




Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 7

Step 7:

Once your thumb is out from behind the handle, push on with your fore finger to push to handle into the bowl securely.

You are pushing slightly backwards and inwards.

Your mould is then secure, you can let go of the mould and it will stay in position.

The hearing aid will hang next to your ear.


Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 8

Step 8:

To put the hearing aid behind the ear you need to take hold of the aid and lift it up and forward.

This will then slide in the crease of the ear next to the head.

Try not to turn or twist the hearing aid as this can cause problems with the tube and the position.


Hearing Aid Fitting - Step 9

Step 9:

Finally have a feel of the hearing aid to make sure it feels secure.

Once in position the hearing aid should look like the image shown opposite.



Inserting the ear mould correctly will take some practice.

Do not be disheartened if it takes you a few attempts.

Remember, if you have the mould to your ear for more than 2 minutes without inserting the mould, STOP; take out the mould, check your alignment, RETRY.

If you continue to have difficulties, you can come along to one of our maintenance sessions where one of our technicians can provide advice and instruction.

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